The Microbiome Hackers Guide

This is an old draft excerpt of a book for curious people with little or no knowledge of biology who want to learn the basics of the human microbiome in a hands-on, practical way — by experimenting on yourself. By practicing with your own examples, you’ll learn how to study and manipulate the microbes inside you.

For the latest version, please see

An older copy is kept here as a backup, in case I didn't transfer all the content correctly.


To take best advantage of this book, you will need:

A much more detailed version of this book will be available soon at fine bookstores everywhere.

Here are the main sections:

By the end of the book, you will be well on your way to a hands-on understanding of one of the most exciting areas at the frontier of biology.

Please contact me for more information on how to get the final version of the book.

© 2017 Richard Sprague

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