Organisms, Probiotics, and what they do

Once you have the tools to start viewing your microbiome, it helps to know something about what is already known about the organisms you’ll find.

What’s Normal?

Main questions

  • How many creatures are in there?

  • It’s not just bacteria

    • Viruses (phages)

    • Fungi

    • Yeast

  • The cycle of life

    • Babies

    • Elderly

  • Dietary types

    • Vegetarian

    • Omnivore

Outside the western world

Good and bad

Who eats what?


The best overall summary is this paper:

Scott, K. P., Gratz, S. W., Sheridan, P. O., Flint, H. J., & Duncan, S. H. (2013). The influence of diet on the gut microbiota. Pharmacological Research, 69(1), 52–60.

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