Experimenting Across Multiple Samples

Microbe numbers shift daily in response to your environment, so a single sample won’t give much more than a broad introduction to the basics of your microbiome. To understand the results of a given test, you’ll soon want to compare it to other samples, either from yourself at a different point in time, or to other people. This chapter will give examples for how to do that.

Experiment 1: Food Can I learn anything if carefully record all the food I ate between two tests a week apart?

Experiment 2: Travel I tested myself before and after a trip to Central America, and while traveling in Mexico. What changed?

Experiment 3: Hacking My Sleep Can I improve my sleep by feeding the right microbes?

Experiment 4: The Dentist What changes before and after my dental checkup?

Experiment 5: Gut Cleanse Let's go all the way: clear out all the microbes and watch how they grow back.



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